Monday, January 16, 2017

The Workbench; more "Retreat From Moscow" stuff

Hey all!

Thought I would catch folks up on the workbench!

I've started getting back to painting a bit.  I've been spending a LOT of leisure time playing video games, and it occurred to me that it is rarely as satisfying as toy soldiers.  So I am making a concerted push to work on toy soldiers more.  While it might not be as mindless as video games, I think it is a bit more satisfying:)

Anyway... here are two stands of skirmishers for the Perry "Retreat From Moscow" project... working on the base coats right now.  These guys have a LOT of colors... so many random little bits of cloth and scarfs and the rest... it takes a while to pick it all out!

So that's what I am working on.  I finished a few new Armada ships, and I'll get them up shortly!:)

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Retreat from Moscow" sled unit finished

Hey all!

Well, I've gotten back in the saddle after a bit too much video game time, and have started in on my Perry "Retreat from Moscow" project!

I finished up the next bit (although looking at the pictures I noticed I missed a detail), which is a unit of sleds, from Perry Miniatures.

Some info from the Perry website itself:

During the Retreat from Moscow, Colonel Marbot seeing that
his regiment, the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval, was falling apart,
decided to dismount them, use their remaining horses to pull two-man peasant
sledges easily found in local villages. The 23rd formed up with the
24th Chasseurs a Cheval to create a sledge born brigade. At night
these formed squares which were frequently used by Marshal Ney and General
Maison for shelter. Each man was ordered to have two muskets to enable them to
resist attacks with ‘the liveliest musketry’.

They are a neat little unit, and a nice addition to the collection.  Next up I have a few stands of skirmishers... I'll post a workbench picture soon:)

BTW, photographing these guys is... interesting, as far as backgrounds:)

Thanks for coming by for a look!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

An updated view of the wargames room

Hey all!

I picked up a bit, and a few things are moved around, so I thought I'd snap another shot of the war games room!

I am very happy with how it has turned out so far.  There is another treat coming for the wall, and then I have to frame one or two more things... and then... who knows what will be next?!:)

Thanks all for coming by... and if you are in New Jersey and fancy a game, lemme know!

The House of War: Shelf #3

Hey all!

I recently realized that I never posted the rest of my shelves... so, I thought it was time!

So here is shelf three.  I have to admit, the more I look at these, the more I realize I need to add another shelf to the bottom of each... so I'll get on that, because I need the space!:)

Here is the top shelf; my Viking collection, along with their objectives and such.  I am going to be getting these guys on the table soon, and start up a little Viking project!

My 25mm Napoleonic Russian commander and centerpieces.  At the left rear is my captured French soldiers, and to the front right is my marching Pavlov Grenadiers.

The first shelf of my 25mm Napoleonic Russians... lights in front, infantry behind, with the cavalry (in this case, cuirassiers) taking up the rear.

My second shelf of 25mm Napoleonic Russians... same as the one above, although there is a unit of Grenadiers in this group.  Also, it is light cavalry instead of heavy cavalry.  I still have more Russians to paint, but I'm not sure I'll ever muster up the strength to do them!

The final shelf... my 25mm Napoleonic Austrians take up most of the space.  I have another ten units of them, including cavalry and more artillery, in my tiny lead pile.  In the front you can see the 25mm Napoleonic British I painted up!

Anyway... that's shelf #3, and I thought folks might enjoy!  I WILL be adding another shelf to the bottom... it looks a bit empty, and I need the space:(

Thanks for coming by!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A 40mm AWI game... with my son

Hey all!

Well, after he got his two cannons for his AWI collection this Christmas, my son asked if we could play a "toy soldier" game... so we did!

We played "The Battle of House" (his choice)... he was in command of the British, under Cornwallis, and I commanded the Americans, under Washington.

Here are the initial set-ups... My army (on the right) had several patches of wood on its left flank.  My son had the house on his left flank.

Here are the British... Grenadiers on the flank, then the artillery, Cornwallis with the jaegers, and then the Regulars.

Here are the Americans... artillery at the top of the shot, then the two units of militia, Washington, the American Rifles, and the US Regulars.

My son advanced his jaegers defending Cornwallis.

I moved my regulars and rifles towards the cover of the woods, planning to keep the militia on my left as blocking units.

Here is the second turn; you can see my son's British army on the left, and my Americans advancing on the right.

And the next turn, as my men begin to reach the edge of the woods, and fire beings to erupt across the field.

My regulars begin to take fire from the British Grenadiers, and begin to fall, even with the trees offering cover.

I finally begin to advance my militia, as counter-battery fire destroys my artillery!

The jaegers exchange fire with the American Rifles, although it is a tough fight, with nowhere to hide in the open fields!

As the field begins to get full of smoke, I advance my regulars forward a bit, trying to close the distance with the British grenadiers...

Here is the next turn, as my son advanced his regulars into my flank.

And slowly but surely, I get ripped apart!

The British regulars pour fire into my militia...

And Cornwallis gallops up to direct their fire, finally battering the Americans into submission!

When I only had one soldier left, my son looked at me with big doe eyes and said "You know, daddy he can run away."  Because he didn't want him to get shot:)  So, the Americans fled the field!

This was his surviving force... his artillery, 6 of his regulars, and Cornwallis!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Ghost and Phantom for Star Wars Armada!

Hey all!

Well, I painted up the Ghost, from Star Wars: Rebels, for my Armada force!

But I also felt like having it alone wasn't good enough, so I went ahead and made the Phantom for it too.  I used an E-Wing, a TIE Advanced, and some random bits and pieces to put it all together

Overall I think it turned out reasonably well.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some Christmas Armada reinforcements arrive!

Hey all!

Well, after a few generous gift cards found their way to me, having already held off on Wave 4 and 5 of Armada... well, I thought it was time to pick up some reinforcements!

I actually held off on the Interdictor and the Arquitens... because I provide most of the ships for the games I play, I sort of like keeping the Empire to predominantly Star Destroyers.  I know that is silly, but it works for me:)  So I picked up a second ISD, and then two Gozanti flotillas... I feel like a bunch of smaller ships are important to a fleet feeling like a FLEET.  I also picked up a single pack of the Empire Squadrons 2... I'll need a few more at some point:)

For the Rebels, I don't mind a bit more mishmash, non-movie ships type of fleet... I feel like a good messy fleet is exactly what the Rebels should have!  So I did get them a Liberty (because it is in the films) but also got them the Phoenix One pack, as it DOES visually fit in nicely.  I also got two flotillas of Transports (which I love, because they are SO iconic) and a pack of the Rebel squadrons.

So!  They are all still boxed, but I'll start breaking them out soon!

Good times!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

40mm AWI Artillery

Hey all!

Well, as part of my son's Christmas gifts, I painted up some artillery for his 40mm AWI armies!

Now, I have to say... I had a hard time finding uniform references for the artillery... it looked like the Americans and British artillery had nearly the same darn uniform!  I made the Americans a bit more of a mix (pants a bit of a mix, no hats on two guys) just so he could more easily tell the difference.

Overall they turned out very nicely (although the pictures aren't very flattering... after all these years I am STILL struggling to take the perfect picture!)  Next up, a bit of scenery for the boy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Christmas Gift: A Brown Bess!

Hey all!

Well, thanks to an overly-generous set of in laws and parents, I picked up a pretty cool Christmas gift... a Pedersoli Brown Bess!

I was very happy to get this guy... the gun that basically won the British Empire.  Given how many theaters it saw action in, I figured it would be a GREAT addition to the war room!

Above you can see a shot of the lock... it is a very pretty gun.

Here is the bayonet, with the scabbard.

Hard to get the whole thing in the photo at once, but here is another view.  The strap just finishes the gun... without the strap, it just doesn't look right!

Anyway, thought I would share the neat new addition to the war room.  There is actually another piece on the way, but I'll share that when it arrives:)

I do have more toy soldier stuff on the way... sorry the blog has been so quiet of late, there ARE things getting painted!  The son got some new AWI stuff that I'll post in the nearer future...

Thanks for coming by, and Happy Holidays, all!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My new modular Star Wars tiles!

Hey all!

Well, after I made those three Star Wars play tiles for my son, I went ahead and made a bunch more!

Again, I tried to keep them generic, so they could be used by either side.  Also, I kept them very low-detail and clutter... they are meant really for playing on, and I didn't want them being so fiddly they would get broken or would be annoying to play with.

They can be configured in any sort of way, and also are made so they can just be spread out, with the space in between being hallways or whatever ones imagination makes it!

Anyway, here is a look at each one...

Here are two... a generator room, and a spaceship repair room/landing pad.

Two more, including my first "oversized" one... a med bay, and a command center, complete with a vid screen showing a Star Destroyer on orbit.

Another two rooms... a "rec" room for soldiers, complete with a newspaper and a checker board, and a prison block.

Finally, the one room that would be hard to use for BOTH sides... the Emperors Throne room, complete with Death Star model